高考英语高频词汇 - 高考英语核心词汇分类




1. 做某事有能力 have the ability to do sth; be capable of doing sth; be able to do sth

2. 使某人能够做某事enable sb to do sth

3. 人们普遍认为 It’s generally accepted/believed that …

4. 有对…的享用权 have / gain /get/ access to sth.

5. 习惯于做…be accustomed to doing sth; be used to doing sth.

6. 采取行动 take action /measures / steps

7. 使…适应于… adapt (oneself ) to

8. 担负得起时间/钱等做某事 can afford to do sth

9. 劝某人做某事 advise sb to do sth

10. 同意某人/某人所说的话/某人的观点 agree with sb / what sb says …

11. 允许某人做某事 allow / permit sb to do sth

12. 与某人相处 get along/ on (well) with sb

13. 因为…向某人道歉apologize to sb for sth / make an apology to sb for sth

14. 某事吸引某人 sth appeal to sb

15. 向某人申请… apply to sb for sth / make an application to sb for sth

16. 运用 apply … to

17. 安排某人做某事 arrange for sb to do sth

18. 某人可以得到…sth be available to sb

19. 给某人授奖 award sb sth= award sth to sb

20. 得益于… benefit from sth

21. 某人该受责备 sb be to blame

22. 吸引某人的注意 catch / attract one’s attention/eye

23. 无法修理/无法认出/无法形容beyond repair/recognition/description

24. 对…腻了 be bored with; be tired of; be fed up with

25. 忙于做… be busy doing sth; be busy with sth

26. 只好;不得不做…cannot help but do sth; cannot but do sth

27. 除了做…别无选择 have no choice but to do sth

28. 不太有可能做(chance)There’s little/no/not much chance of sb’s doing sth / that …

29. 遭雨淋 be caught in the rain

30. 突然大笑起来 burst into laughter; burst out laughing

31. 撞见某人做某事 catch sb doing

32. 再…也不为过 cannot not … too ; can never … too

33. 贯彻;执行 carry out

34. 追上;赶上 catch up with

35. 导致 result in; lead to; give rise to; bring about; contribute to

36. 把某人培养大 bring sb up

37. 去露营 go camping

38. 意识到 be aware of/ that…; be conscious of / that…

39. 在…形势下 in /under …circunstances

40. 声称 claim to be / to do / that

41. 选择;挑一挑make a choice

42. 放晴 clear up

43. 苏醒;总计达 come to

44. 掌握;能自由运用have a good command of sth

45. 对…进行评论 comment on sth; make a comment on sth ; make some comments on sth

46. 犯罪 commit a crime

47. 在某方面有共同之处 have sth in common

48. 把…比作 compare …to …

49. 向某人抱怨某事 complain to sb of / about sth; complain to sb that …

50. 由…组成 be composed of; be made up of; consist of

51. 全神贯注于… concentrate on sth

52. 就某人而言 as far as sb is concerned

53. 得出结论 draw / come to/ arrive at / reach a conclusion

54. 进行一项调查 conduct / make a survey

55. 对…有信心have confidence in sb/sth ; be confident of sb/sth;

56. 祝贺某人某事 congratulate sb on sth / on doing sth

57. 与…取得联系 make contact with sb / contact sb

58. 正相反on the contrary

59. 与…形成对照in contrast with / to

60. 对…作出巨大的贡献 make great contributions to

61. 使某人相信某事 convince sb of sth / convince sb that …

62. 与某人合作 cooperate with sb

63. 以…为代价 at the cost of

64. 热衷于,对…痴迷 be crazy about

65. 挤满… be crowded with

66. 对…感到好奇 be curious about

67. 在沉思be lost in thought

68. 指望某人做某事depend on sb to do sth.

69. 决心做…be determined to do sth.; decide to do; make up one’s mind to do

70. 致力于…devote oneself to sth.(doing sth.)/ be devoted to

71. 不同于…differ from

72. 在…方面不同 differ in

73. 朝…方向去 in the direction of

74. 辨别 distinguish A from B

75. 生效come into effect

76. 竭尽全力做某事make every effort to do sth.

77. 不遗余力;竭尽全力做某事spare no effort to do sth.

78. 强调…place / put / lay emphasis on…

79. 鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb to do sth

80. 忙着做某事 be engaged in doing sth.; be busy with sth.

81. 用….装备… equip …with …

82. 扩大某人的视野 expand / broaden one’s horizons

83. 使某人暴露/接触… expose sb /oneself to…

84. 在某种程度上 to some extent

85. 对…有天赋 have a gift for sth

86. 对某人有好处 be good for sb. / do good to sb

87. 犹豫/不愿做某事 hesitate to do sth

88. 做某事深感荣幸 It is an honour to do sth.

89. 幸亏;由于 thanks to

90. 把…考虑进去 take …into account / consideration

91. 从事 take up

92. 与…保持着联系 be in touch with sb / keep in touch with sb

93. 不知道be ignorant of

94. 想象做某事 imagine doing sth.

95. 对…产生影响make / have a +adj. impact / influence / effect on

96. 对某人不耐烦 be impatient with sb.

97. 使某人记住 impress sth on / upon sb.

98. 给某人留下深刻印象 leave / make a deep impression on sb.

99. 独立于某人 be independent of sb.

100. 把…传染给某人infect sb with sth.

101. 比…低下 be inferior to

102. 通知某人inform sb of sth.

103. 对…有兴趣 have / take / find / show interest in sth.

104. 把某人卷入involve sb/ oneself in sth. / get / be involved in sth.

105. 与某人开玩笑 play a joke on sb

106. 喜爱,着迷 be keen on doing

107. 跟上keep up with

108. 与某人保持/取得联系 keep/ get in touch with sb.

109. 记在心里 keep sth in mind

110. 撞倒 knock down

111. 满足…的需求 meet the needs of

112. 反对做某事 object to doing / be opposed to sth / doing sth

113. 遵守交通规则 observe the traffic rules

114. 某人从来没想到过 It never occurs to sb that…

115. 我突然想到 It suddenly struck me that …

116. 出故障 out of order

117. 除了;不同于 other than

118. 而不是 rather than

119. 在…起作用 play a part / role in…

120. 参与… participate in

121. 20%的学生 twenty percent of the students

122. 坚持不懈做某事 persevere in sth / doing sth

123. 学会;拾起;接人 pick up

124. 代替 take the place of / in place of

125. 受…喜爱 be popular with sb

126. 推迟做某事 postpone / put off / delay doing

127. 宁可做…而不愿做… prefer to do sth. rather than do sth / prefer doing to doing / prefer sth to sth / would rather do than do

128. 处于困境中 be in trouble

129. 做事费力 have trouble (in) doing sth / with sth

130. 充分利用 make full use of

131. 某东西对某人有价值 sth be of value to sb

132. 某事因人而易 sth. vary from person to person

133. 有…的观点/想法 hold the view that…

134. 自愿做某事 volunteer to do sth

135. 和往常一样 as usual

136. 广泛的;种类繁多的 a wide range/variety of

137. 难怪…(It is) no wonder that…

138. 为…感到自豪be proud of=take pride in

139. 感到筋疲力尽be worn/tired out = be exhausted

140. 为…作好了充分的准备 be well prepared / make good preparations for sth / to do sth

141. 有毛病;不舒服;出故障be wrong with / go wrong

142. 非常值得做…be well worth doing

143. 提出 put forward

144. 为…担心worry about / be worried about / be concerned about

145. 某人有资格做…sb be qualified for sth / to do sth / as…

146. 某人/某事证明…sb/ sth prove ( to be)

147. 向某人提供…provide sb with sth = provide sth for sb

148. 在场的人 people present

149. 和…密切相关be closely related to

150. 自然资源 natural resources

151. 因…而导致result from

152. 仅次于 second (only ) to

153. 务必要…;保证 see to it that …

154. 对…敏感 be sensitive to

155. 为…树立榜样 set an example to sb

156. 短缺be short of / for lack of

157. 在…之后不久(shortly) shortly after…

158. 和…相似 be similar to

159. 高度评价 speak highly of

160. 成功地做… succeed in doing sth

161. 比…优秀 be superior to

162. 应该做… be supposed to do sth










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