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1, 你可以写写你暑假是怎么过的,例如你去了什么地方旅游等等。

2, 你可以写暑假里发生过的某些难忘的事。



题目可以是:My summer, My summer holiday, A happy summer 等等。



A School-report

The father was reading the school-report which had just been handed to him by his hopeful son. His brow was wrathful as he read: "English, poor, French, weak, mathematics, mathematics, Fair," and he gave a glance of disgust at the quaking lad. "Wall, Dad." Said the son, "it is not as good as it might be, but have you seen that?" And he pointed to the next line, which read: "Health excellent."





1 Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world. It is also called the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. The exact date of the Spring Festival on the Western calendar changes from year to year. However, Chinese New Year takes place between January 1 and February 19.

On the Chinese calendar every year has an animal's name. These animals are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. A Chinese legend says that these twelve animals had a race. The first year was named after the rat, the winner. The other eleven years were named according to the order in which the animals arrived in the race. The clever rat jumped onto the ox's back, and then at the end jumped over the ox's head to arrive first!

The Chinese believe that a person born in a particular year has some of the characteristics of that animal.

lunar 月(亮)的 exact 确切的 calendar 日历 rat 鼠 ox 公 牛 rabbit 兔子

ram 公羊 rooster 公鸡 legend 传说 name after 按....命名

particular 特殊的 characteristic 特征

春 节

对于全世界的华人来说,中国的新年是最重要的节日。人们也称它为春节或农历新年。 公历春节的确切日期每年都在变化。但是春节一般都在 1 月 1 日 到 2 月 19 日 之间。 在农历中,每年都有一个生肖。这些生肖是鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、狗和猪。据传说,这十二个动物举行了一次赛跑,第一年就以获胜者鼠命名,其他十一年就根据动物们到达终点的顺序命名。聪明的鼠跳在牛背上,在最后时刻跳过牛的头顶第一个到达终点!


2 A Teenager's Joke: Guidelines for Doing Schoolwork

My school had a policy about homework. Students should not spend more than ninety minutes per night doing homework. This is how I use the time for my work.

Fifteen minutes looking for assignment; Eleven minutes calling a friend for the assignment; Twenty three minutes explaining why the teacher is mean and does not like teenagers; Eight minutes in the bathroom; Ten minutes getting a snack; Seven minutes checking the TV Guide;

Six minutes telling my parents that the teacher never explained the assignment;

Ten minutes sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Mom or Dad to do the assignment.

guideline 指导方针 policy 政策 per 每

assignment 作业 mean 低劣的 snack 小吃 TV guide 电视指南





花二十三分 钟抱怨 老师为什么总是那么讨厌,为什么不喜欢我们这些十几岁的孩子;




3 The Toad and the Frog

A toad saw a frog near the road. He was a fat old frog. He sat and moaned and groaned.

The toad said, “Do not moan and groan, Mr. Frog. Hop like me. Hop down the road.”

So the frog and the toad went down the road to a big oak tree.

“I am home,” said the toad. “Come in and I will make tea.”

But Mr. Frog said, in a deep croak, “I must not roam far from home. I will be off to my home near the pond.”

toad 蟾蜍,癞蛤蟆 moan 呻吟 hop 跳跃 oak 橡树 croak 一种低而嘶哑的声音







4. A was an apple pie A是一个苹果(APPLE)派 B bit it B咬了(BIT)它一口 C cut it C切开(CUT)它 D dealt with it D来分发(DEALT)它 E ate it E吃了(EAT)它 F fought for it F为了它而与人打斗(FOUGHT) G got it G得到了(GOT)它 H had it H拥有了(HAD)它 I inspected it I来检查(INSPECTED)它 J jumped for it J为得到了苹果派而欢蹦乱跳(JUMPED) K kept it K保存(KEPT)起了苹果派 L longed for it L渴望(LONGED)得到苹果派 M mourned for it M因没得到苹果派而伤心落泪(MOURNED) N nodded at it N对苹果派点头(NODDED) O opened it O打开了(OPENED)它 P peeped in it P觊觎(PEEPED)它 Q quartered it Q把个苹果派分成了四份(QUARTERED) R ran for it R为了它跑 (RAN) S stole it S偷了它(STOLE) T took it T拿走了(TOOK)苹果派 U upset it U打翻了(UPSET)它 V viewed it V审视着(VIEWED)它 W wanted it W想得到(WANTED)它 X,Y,Z and ampersand all wished for a piece in hand. XYZ和&都希望手上能有一块苹果派。

bit bite 咬的过去时 dealt with deal with 处理的过去时 inspect 检查

long for 渴望 mourn 哀悼 nod 点头 peep 窥视 quarter 分成四份

upset upset 弄翻的过去时 view 观察 ampersand 记号名称

5 Homestay in the US

My name is Jenny and I did a homestay in America. When I first met my host mother, Mary, she gave me a big hug. I was really shocked because I had never been hugged before, and I wasn sure how to respond. By the time I left America, though, I came to enjoy hugging and being hugged. Shaking hands was also a challenge. My homestay father, Peter, looked at me straight in the eye and squeezed my hand firmly.

Both Mary and Peter wanted me to call them by their first names because they, as Americans, like informality. By using first names only, we felt friendlier towards each other.

homestay 家庭寄宿 host 东道主 hug 拥抱 shock 震惊 respond 回应

challenge 挑战 straight 直接地 squeeze 挤压

firmly 紧紧地 informality 随意





6 Brothers and Sisters

My sister is a year older than me and we've been sharing a room since I was 3 years old. We are very close, but we also fight all the time. Our fights are never serious. I can't remember the cause of our fights now, but they were always over small things. Sometimes it was just over a particular word I used or maybe just because my sister gave my teddy bear a hug and I was unhappy about it. We don't take our fights very seriously as if all the fights are a game. I think it's perfectly okay for kids to fight with their brothers or sisters. Now I'm a teenager, and I even think that they're sweet memories!

share 分享 serious 认真的 cause 原因 fight 打架 particular 特别的,特殊的

teddy bear 玩具熊 teenage 青少年 perfectly 完全

兄 弟 姐 妹


7 Thirty Days Hath September (Nursery Rhyme)

Thirty days hath September,

April, June, and November;

All the rest have thirty-one,

Except for February alone,

It has twenty-eight days clear,

And twenty-nine on each Leap Year.

hath (古英语)=has leap year 闰年



除了二月,二月只有二十八天, 每个闰年二月有二十九天。

8 Two Dumplings

A young man had a small business. He worked very hard, and he made a lot of money. One day, he had dinner with a businessman. He wanted the man to become his business partner. When they finished the dinner, there were two dumplings left.

The young man told the waitress: "Please pack them in a doggy bag and I'd like to take them home.Soon the businessman decided to work together with the young man. He said, "The young man is great. He has lots of money but he won't waste it.

dumpling 饺子 partner 伙伴 waitress 女服务员 pack 包

doggy bag (饭店里客人将吃剩食物打包带走时用的)纸包




9 A Visit to the City Centre

On their first day in the capital, Diana and Peter visited the Old Tower which stood on a hill near the city centre. There were stairs leading to the top, but Diana and Peter decided to take the lift. At the top there was a caf?and a balcony where visitors could stand and enjoy the view. It was magnificent — you could see the whole city, the river and the hills beyond.

On their way back from the Tower, Diana and Peter went past the main square in the city centre. They stopped at a stall to have some orange juice, and sat and watched the traffic for a while. The square was very busy, with cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians going in all directions. In the centre of the square there was a policeman controlling the traffic.

stair 楼梯 take the lift 乘电梯 balcony 阳台 magnificent 壮观的

stall 摊点 pedestrian 行人 control 控制




10 Rain, Rain, Go Away(Nursery Rhyme)

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day.

Rain, rain, go to Spain,

Never show your face again.

Rain, rain, pour down,

But not a drop on our town.

Rain on the green grass,

And rain on the tree,

And rain on the housetop,

But not on me.

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again on washing day.

Rain, rain, go to Germany,

And remain there permanently.

Rain, rain, go away,

Come on Martha's wedding day.

remain 保持,逗留 permanently 永远地







11 An Embarrassing Show

The day of the school science fair had finally arrived, and Lisa was both nervous and excited. She couldn't wait to show off her volcano model at the fair. She might even win the first prize!

As Lisa was setting up her volcano, she noticed her friend Alex's project on the table next to hers. Weeks ago, Alex had asked her for help in creating a model of the solar system, and Lisa was glad to help. He never told her he as going to enter it in the Science Fair! His model was painted beautifully in different colours. Finally Alex got the first place and Lisa felt very embarrassed.

fair 展览会 nervous 神经紧张的,不安的 excited 兴奋的

show off 炫耀 volcano 火山 project 设计,计划

create 创作,创造 solar system 太阳系 embarrassed 觉得难堪的




12 Humour — Things Your Mother Wouldn’t Say

"Be good and I'll buy you a motorcycle for your birthday!

"How on earth can you see the TV sitting so far back?"

"Don's bother wearing a jacket — it's quite warm out.

"Let me smell that shirt — yeah, it's good for another week.

"I think a cluttered bedroom is a sign of creativity.?

"Yeah, I used to skip school, too.?

"Just leave all the lights on...it makes the house more cheery.

"Could you turn the music up louder so I can enjoy it, too?

humour 幽默 motorcycle 摩托车 on earth 究竟 smell 闻 cluttered 混乱的

sign 预兆,表现 creativity 创造力 skip 跳 cheery 愉快的










13 Dogs

People often say that a dog is man's best friend. Over thousands of years, man has taught his dogs to do many kinds of work besides guarding the home. For example, sheepdogs are famous for their ability to control a flock of hundreds of sheep.

Dogs have been used to aid disabled people for centuries. A guide dog can lead its blind owner. Nowadays, dogs can be taught to turn on light switches, open refrigerator doors and dial the telephone for their disabled owners. For the majority of people, however, dogs are simply pets and friends for both young and old members of the family.

guard 看守,看护 sheepdog 牧羊犬 flock 群 aid 帮助

disabled 残疾人 century 世纪 guide dog 导盲犬 dial 拨 majority 大多数



14 Detective Work

A bank robber stole a lot of money. He was caught and sent to prison, but the money was never found. When he came out of prison, they watched him to see what he would do. Here is the detective, reporting to the inspector. "Yes, sir, I found Johnny Armitage. I followed him all around the town, but frankly, I couldn't make anything out of what he bought. Here's the list."

shirt heavy crowbar box of chocolates shovel heavy hammer bunch of flowers The inspector said, "Good. That helps me a lot. Do you remember how we watched him helping his neighbour, old Mrs. Judson to cover her backyard with cement?

detective 侦探的侦探 robber 强盗,盗贼 prison 监狱

inspector 检察官 frankly 坦白地,真诚地 crowbar 铁撬,撬棒

shovel 铲,铁铲 hammer 铁锤,锤子 backyard 后院 cement 水泥



当他从监狱出来时,他被监视,看他会做什么。这不,侦探正向检察官报告:“是的,先生,我发现了强尼•阿米塔基,我跟着他转遍了全镇,但坦白说,我不能从他买的东西中推断出什么。这里是清单。” 衬衫、大铁撬、一盒巧克力铁铲、大铁锤、一束花 。


15 What is Time? (Nursery Rhyme)

Time is grain for peasants.

Time is wealth for workers.

Time is life for doctors.

Time is victory for soldiers.

Time is knowledge for students.

Time is speed for scientists.

Time is money for businessmen.

Time is everything for all of us.

Therefore, seize the time of today!

grain 粮食 wealth 财富 victory 胜利 seize 抓住,把握






travel to Beijing

Over the next three years, the capital will focus on creating regulated, environmental standards for energy, transportation, construction, atmosphere and water, according to the Green Beijing plans released by the Beijing government on March 7.

The plan is intended to affect areas most closely connected with people. For example, by 2012, green areas should reach 15.5 square meters per person, and the city intends to open 500 bicycle-renting stations, with 20,000 bikes available. The first of these stations will be established at business center areas like Zhonguancun's Guan-ganmennei Street; others will launch in heritage-protected areas.

Regulations or restrictions on bike channels will be countered, bike parking lots are set to increase and all main streets will have bicycle channels. As for automobiles, the Traffic Administration Bureau will establish a system to monitor street-level emissions.

Off the road and in the home, a policy to switch Beijing residents from gas to electricity will be continued and expanded from relics protection areas (which are more vulnerable to fire disasters) to throughout the city.

Lang Hua is a middle-aged women living in Xuanwu district whose home is now heated by electricity instead of coal. She welcomed the policy of switching from coal to electricity, saying, "This is safer and cleaner than before. My families and neighbors all welcome the change."