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        First of all,you should often talk with people and make a lot of  friends in school.Then,if you get into trouble,you can ask classmates and friends for some help  .Also you can ask the teacher for help.Because they are full of love heart and have goodexperence.Finally,you should change yourself and you can change more energeticand more confident.


第八届“21世纪杯”全国英语演讲比赛冠军——顾秋蓓A Scene to RememberGu QiubeiShanghai International Studies UniversityAdvisor: Gong Longsheng Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today I would like to begin with a story. There was once a physical 1) therapist who traveled all the way from America to Africa to do a 2) census about mountain 3) gorillas. These gorillas are a main attraction to tourists from all over the world; this put them severely under threat of 4) poaching and being put into the zoo. She went there out of curiosity, but what she saw strengthened her determination to devote her whole life to fighting for those beautiful creatures. She witnessed a scene, a scene taking us to a place we never imaged we've ever been, where in the very depth of the African rainforest, surrounded by trees, flowers and butterflies, the mother gorillas 5) cuddled their babies. Yes, that's a memorable scene in one of my favorite movies, called Gorillas in the Mist, based on a true story of Mrs. Dian Fossey, who spent most of bet lifetime in Rwanda to protect the ecoenvironment there until the very end of her life. To me, the movie not only presents an unforgettable scene but also acts as a 6) timeless reminder that we should not develop the tourist industry at the cost of our ecoenvironment. Today, we live in a world of prosperity but still threatened by so many new problems. On the one hand, tourism, as one of the most promising industries in the 21st century, provides people with the great opportunity to see everything there is to see and to go any place there is to go. It has become a lifestyle for some people, and has turned out to be the driving force in GDP growth. It has the magic to turn a backward town into a wonderland of prosperity. But on the other hand, many problems can occur---natural scenes aren't natural anymore. Deforestation to heat lodges is devastating Nepal. Oil spills from tourist boats are polluting Antarctica. Tribal people are forsaking their native music and dress to listen to U2 on Walkman and wear Nike and Reeboks. All these 7) appalling(令人震惊的) facts have brought us to the realization that we can no longer stand by and do nothing, because the very thought of it has been 8) eroding(侵蚀) our resources. Encouragingly, the explosive growth of global travel has put tourism again in the spotlight, which is why the United Nations has made 2002 the year of ecotourism, for the first time to bring to the world's attention the benefits of tourism, but also its capacity to destroy our ecoenvironment. Now every year, many local ecoenvironmental protection organizations an: receiving donations--big notes, small notes or even coins--from housewives, 9) plumbers(水管工人), ambulance drivers, salesmen, teachers, children and 10) invalids(残疾人), Some of them can not afford to send the money but they do. These are the ones who drive the cabs, who nurse in hospitals, who are suffering from ecological damage in their neighborhood. Why? Because they care. Because they still want their Mother Nature back. Because they know it still belongs to them. This kind of feeling that I have, ladies and gentlemen, is when it feels like it, smells like it, and looks like it, it's all coming from a scene to remember, a scene to recall and to cherish. The other night, as l saw the moon linger over the land and before it was sent into the invisible, my mind was filled with songs. I found myself humming softly, not to the music, but to some- thing else, someplace else. a place remembered, a place untouched, a field of grass where no one seem to have been except the deer. And all those unforgettable scenes strengthened the feeling that it's lime for us to do something, for our own and our coming generation. Once again, I have come to think of Mrs. Dian Fossey be- cause it's with her spirit, passion, courage and strong sense of our ecoenvironment that we are taking our next step into the world. And no matter who we are, what we do and where we go, in our mind, there's always a scene to remember, a scene worth our effort to protect it and fight for it. Thank you very much.















你想学是最重要的,首先恭喜你有这份恒心想学。我是坚持几年的,现在和老外基本无阻碍。方法如下:1首先要听懂,听不懂,就啥都别谈。听力方面是精听,我选择的是VOA Standard English美国之音标准英语,速度很快,听三遍,听不懂,看录音稿。听懂了。照着稿子上面读,速度快发音准,做到模模糊糊但标准的发音,重复次数要多。通常其语速是1分钟200单词量,一个VOA Standard English新闻通常才1分多钟。而VOA Special English通常10分钟左右,语速好慢,VOA Standard English相当于把它浓缩了。当然BBC也不错,英式英语。也可以买有声读物,多听多读。2说就是要从模仿开始,很多英语强人都是模仿了几年才有今天成就的,要坚持。英语口语有连读失声略音破音等,例如important,significant 在口语中t是不发音的,I'm working on it.这句是连读on it读成了“昂内”t的音破掉。That was refreshing。中that的t也是可以不发音的.这些是最简单的。向你推荐北外教授江涛的春夏秋冬六级作文读物,每天模仿,好的句子要背下来。记住一定要肯背。当然还有很多好书NEW oriental school(新东方),foreign language teaching and research press(外研社),crazy english 这些公司有出很多好书的。3读写译的能力是伴随听说能力而提高的。下载英文歌曲听听,特喜欢的歌,可以去试着唱。多看美剧好莱坞大片,先看没字幕的,琢磨发音口型,第二遍再去看有字幕的,加以巩固。其中经典对话场景可写在纸上,然后找个角落惟妙惟肖的模仿。看英美小说,如果你词汇量不大,看一眼翻了n次词典,那就算了,看小说连贯性是最重要的。向你推荐Peter and starcatchers(皮特和摘星者)。自言自语,这是最重要的,我总是一个人吃饭,买书,去图书馆(我兄弟们没个陪我的,都玩网游WOW),我在路上,通常自己选个Topic,然后自言自语,有人会认为你是疯子,别管他们。当你听力达到一定水平,你就可以抛掉书,带个mp3或mp4,放一句英语,模仿一句,要夸张口型,我上大学时晚自习一般上到9点半,然后把包放回宿舍,然后带个mp4去操场练听力和口语。10点40分闪人。睡前还可听1-2小时听力。新东方王强老师说他在北大是听了不下数千小时,曾经是全国英语冠军的顾秋蓓每天坚持听6-8小时。当然要练到他们出口即成散文的境界是要多模仿的然后try to be creative and originative.It is not your aptitude,but your attitude that decides your altitude.一个孩子活到10岁能肯定说好母语,我们学了10年说不好英语,只能说明方法有问题。有人说是没英语环境,但我说是因为那根懒筋。最后多看看CCTV杯和21世纪杯全国英语演讲大赛,中国最权威的英语比赛哦。主持人大山和刘欣很有气质的哦,还有Rick。尤其喜欢刘欣,英语专业无一不知晓的star-曾是第一届21世纪杯冠军,去伦敦比赛又夺冠为国争光。有空看看CCTV9刘欣主持的新闻节目。 最后希望May God bless you will be confident.