英语中的动词短语 - 英语中的动词短语




clean the floor 扫地

clean the house 打扫房间

collect stamps 集邮

come back 回来

come from 来自……

come here 来这里

come in 进来

come on 过来/加油

come to tea 来喝茶

cook the meal 煮饭

crash into 撞向

dig a hole 挖坑

do housework 做家务

do morning exercises 晨练

do one’s homework 做作业

do some reading 读点书

do sports 做运动

draw a picture 画画

drink some water 喝些水

drive a car 驾车

fall over 跌倒

fill the hole with earth 用泥土填坑

get off 下车

get out of 走出(……之外)

go and have a look 去看一看

go back 回去

go boating 去划船

go fishing 去钓鱼

go for a walk 去散步

go home 回家

go on a diet 节食

go out 出去

go shopping 去购物

go sightseeing 去观光

go skating 去溜冰

go skiing 去滑雪

go straight on 直走

go swimming 去游泳

go to bed 去睡觉

go to school 去上学

go to the cinema 去看电影

go to work 去上班

have a bath 洗澡

have a Chinese lesson 上语文课

have a cold 感冒

have a fever 发烧

have a good time 玩得开心

have a headache 头痛

have a look 看一看

have a picnic 举行野餐活动工

have a rest 休息

have a stomachache 胃痛

have a tooth-ache 牙痛

have a trip 去旅游

have a try 试一试

have been to 到过

have breakfast 吃早餐

have fun 玩得开心

have lunch 吃午饭

have some coke 喝些可乐

have supper/dinner 吃晚饭

have time 有时间

just a minute 等一下

just now 刚才

keep a diary 记日记

let me see 让我想一想/让我看一看

listen to music 听音乐

listen to the CDs 听CD 碟

listen to the radio 听收音机

make friends 交朋友

make the bed 整理床铺

mark the pupils’ homework批改作业

next to 下一个

no problem 没问题

paint a picture 涂画

pick up 捡起

plant trees 种树

play badminton 打羽毛球

play basketball 打篮球

play cards 打牌

play football 踢足球

play games 玩游戏

play table tennis 打乒乓球

play tennis 打网球

play the guitar 弹吉他

play the piano 弹钢琴

put away 放好

put on 穿上

put the tree into the hole 把树放进洞里

ride a bike 骑自行车

see a film 看电影

surf the Net 上网

take a message 传递信息

take exercise 进行锻炼

take medicine 服药

take off 脱下

take photos 照相

turn off 关闭

turn on 打开

wait a moment 稍等一下

wait for 等候

wash clothes 洗衣服

wash dishes 洗碟子

watch a football match 看足球赛

watch TV 看电视

water the flower 浇花

water the tree 浇树

write a letter 写信



1. call at (a place) 访问某地

2. call back 回电话

3. a call for help 呼救声

4. Make a call to sb. 打电话

5. call for 请求,为……喊出,(接)找某人

6. call on (upon) 号召,拜访

7. call out 召集,大声叫

8. call up 召唤,召集,回忆起


1. carry on 继续,经营,开展

2. carry out 进行,开展,执行(计划,命令)


1. come across(偶然)遇见

2. come true 变为现实,实现

3. come along 来吧

4. come about 产生,发生

5. come back 回来,折回

6. come down 下来

7. come in 进来

8. come on 快来(表示劝说、机动、不耐烦等)

9. come out 出现

10. come to 来到

11. come up走过来


1. cut away 切掉,剪掉

2. cut down 砍倒,缩减

3. cut off 切断

4. cut up 切碎


1. get along with 进展,过日子,与……相处

2. get away 逃走

3. get back 取回,回来

4. get into 进入,陷入

5. get off 从……下来,下车

6. get on (well) with 与……相处融洽

7. get over 克服,从……恢复过来

8. get to know 认识

9. get to 到达

10. get together 相聚

11. get up 起床

12. (get) close to 接近

13. get through 通过,接通(电话)

14. get married 结婚

15. get rid of 处理,去掉


1. go by (时间)过去,经过(地点)

2. go down 下去,(船)下沉

3. go fishing/shopping/skating/swimming 去钓鱼/买东西/溜冰/游泳

4. go home 回家

5. go on 继续

6. go out (灯、火)熄灭

7. go out for a walk 出去散步

8. go over 检查,复习

9. go to bed 上床,去睡觉

10. go away 走开,离开

11. go up 上涨,上升

12. go through 浏览,翻阅

13. go against 反对,不利于

14. go bad (食物)变坏


1. give a concert 举行音乐会

2. give a talk 演讲,做报告

3. give away 赠,送

4. give in 让步,投向

5. give off 发出(蒸汽、光)

6. give out 耗尽,筋疲力尽

7. give sb. some advice 给某人一些忠告

8. give up 放弃

9. give…a message 捎口信给……

10. give…a call (ring) 给……打一个电话

11. give medical care to 对……进行治疗

12. give birth to 生,产生

13. give out 散发


1. had better/best (not) do 最好(不)做某事

2. have to 不得不

3. Have sth. done 请(让)做某事

4. have a good trip 旅行愉快

5. have a look at 看一看

6. have a talk with 与……谈话

7. have a seat 坐下

8. have a text 参加测试

9. have a word with 和……说句话

10. have…on 有事,有约会

11. have a gift for 对……有天赋

12. have an effect on 对……产生影响

13. have something to do with… 与……有关系


1. catch hold of 抓住

2. get hold of 握,抓住

3. hold…back 阻止

4. hold one’s head high 昂首,趾高气昂

5. hold up 举起

6. take hold of 握,抓住

7. hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸,不出声

8. hold a meeting 举行会议

9. hold out 伸出


1. keep a record 作记录

2. keep (hold) back 阻止

3. Keep on (doing sth.) 继续(反复)做某事

4. keep…out of… 使……不进入

5. keep up 坚持,不使(斗志)低落,保持,维持,继续

6. keep up with 跟上

7. keep in touch with 与……联系

8. keep fit 保持健康


1. have a look = take a look 看

2. look down upon 看不起,轻视

3. look back upon 回顾

4. look into 调查

5. look after 照顾

6. look around = look about 环顾四周

7. look at 看

8. look for 寻找

9. look forward to 盼望

10. look on 旁观,看待

11. look out 当心,小心,朝外看

12. look through 通过……看,浏览,检查,复习

13. look up 向上看,在(词典中)查询


1. make a promise 答应,允诺

2. make sense 很有意义,讲得通

3. make a decision 做出决定

4. make a plan for 为……做计划

5. make fun of 取笑某人

6. make sure of 确信,确定

7. make clothes 缝衣服

8. make money 赚钱

9. make a noise 吵闹

10. make a face 做鬼脸

11. make trouble 惹麻烦

12. Make friends with sb. 与某人做朋友

13. make progress 取得进步

14. make a mistake 犯错误

15. make up one’s mind 拿定主意

16. make a speech 发表演讲

17. make a note 记录

18. make a reply 答复

19. make a discovery 发现

20. make a start 动身

21. make an apology 道歉

22. be made in 由(某产地)制造

23. be made (up) of 由……组成(构成)

24. make up 和解,化妆,编造,调配,弥补

25. make a good effort 做出很大努力

26. make ends meet 量入为出,使收支相抵


1. put away 放好,收起来

2. put down 放下,扑灭,平息

3. put into 添加,投资,输入,使进入

4. put off 延期

5. put on 穿(衣),戴(帽等)

6. put on performances 演出

7. put on weight 发胖,增加体重

8. put out 扑灭,熄灭

9. put one’s heart into 全神贯注于……之中

10. put up 挂起,张贴,举起,抬起,建造


1. take a look (at) 看一下

2. take a taxi 乘出租汽车

3. take part in 参加,参与

4. take an action 采取行动

5. take away 拿走

6. take back 带回,收回

7. take down 拿下

8. take off 脱下,起飞

9. take on 呈现

10. take…out 把……拿出来

11. take possession of 占有,拥有

12. take place 发生

13. take up (the struggle) 从事(斗争)

14. take sides (in) 站在……一边

15. take an interest in 对……感兴趣

16. take…by surprise 使……吃惊

17. take charge 掌管,负责

18. take in one’s arm (拥)抱

19. take pride in 以……自豪

20. take one’s seat就座


1. turn into (turn…into) 把……变成……

2. turn off 关上(灯,收音机,煤气,自来水等)

3. turn to 转到,翻到

4. turn against 背叛

5. turn away 把……打发走

6. turn on 开,旋开(电灯、无线电等)

7. turn up 向上翻,扭亮(灯火等)

8. turn down 关小,调低