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Nowadays,various western festivals, such as Christmas,Thanksgiving Day or Valentine's Day,enjoy great popularity among the people in China,especially the students in colleges and universities. There are many factors accounting for this phenomenon.For one thing,with the quickening pace of technological and economic development,the whole world is now becoming a global village with people of different nations sharing each other's customs and cultures.For another,it is human instincts to pursue something different and exotic, and most young people regard it as fashionable and novel to celebrate western holidays.Last but not least some shops celebrate western festivals because of financial drive to grab commercial profits. It is obvious that some western festivals,such as Christmas,have greatly bossted the business of many stores. As a result,western festivals may bring people in China more opportunities for pleasure and may also enhance the cultural exchanges between the east and the west.On the other hand,it may lead to some serious consequences.Perhaps someday the local Chinese may lose their own tranditions and cultures because of the invasion of western festivals. 答案补充 我打字的时候可能有点拼写错误,boosted 我错写成bossted


Capital economic growth leads to globalization which is inevitable unless u want China quits the global market ,i believe the world in the future is a place where no specific boundary between nations ethics and culture.maybe in the future it would be laughed at when people put so much emphas on being "isolated ".but the most important thing is to conserve and preserve our own culture instead of avoiding the coming of western ones. one reason is it's in vain another is making ourselves stronger is the best way to defeat enemy if you label them as intruders . the last one is we find so much joy in experiencing different fesetivel and one festivel in one culture intrigues different feeling and inspiration ,it's another way of being part of new century.


The Spring Festival 2008年04月16日

春节 农历的正(zheng)月初一,是中国的农历新年。在中国的传统节日中,这是一个最重要、最热闹的节日。因为过农历新年的时候,正是冬末春初,所以人们也把这个节日叫“春节”。 中国人过春节有很多传统习俗。从腊月二十三起,人们就开始准备过年了。在这段时间里,家家户户要大扫除,买年货,贴窗花,挂年画,写春联,蒸年糕,做好各种食品,准备辞旧迎新。 春节的前夜叫“除夕”。除夕之夜,是家人团聚的时候。一家人围坐在一起,吃一顿丰盛的年夜饭,说说笑笑,直到天亮,这叫守岁。除夕零点的钟声一响,人们还要吃饺子。古时候叫零点为“子时”,除夕的子时正是新旧年交替的时候,人们在这时吃饺子,是取“更岁交子”的意思。这也是“饺子”名称的由来。 过了除夕就是大年初一。从初一开始,人们要走亲戚、看朋友,互相拜年。拜年,是春节的重要习俗。拜年时,大家都要说一些祝愿幸福、健康的吉祥话。 放爆竹是春节期间孩子们最喜欢的活动。传说燃放爆竹可以驱妖除魔,所以每年从除夕之夜起,到处就响起了接连不断的爆竹声。阵阵烟花,声声爆竹,给节日增添了喜庆的气氛。 春节期间,很多地方还要举办庙会。庙会上精彩的舞龙舞狮表演,各式各样的工艺品和地方小吃,吸引千千万万欢度佳节的人们。 随时代的发展,过春节的习俗也有了一些变化。比如,为防止环境污染,很多城市已禁止燃放烟花爆竹。但这并不影响节日的热闹气氛。除夕之夜,家家户户仍然要团聚在一起,一边吃年夜饭,一边看精彩的电视节目,直到大年初一的清晨。 在中国和世界各地华夏子孙的心中,春节永远是最重要的节日。 The Spring Festival The first day of the first lunar month is the New Year in the Chinese lunar calendar. Among the traditional Chinese festivals, this is the most important and the most bustling. Since it occurs at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, people also call it the Spring Festival. Chinese have many traditional customs relating to the Spring Festival. Since the 23rd day of the 12th lunar montha, people start to prepare for the event. Every family will undertake thorough cleaning, do their Spring Festival shopping, create paper-cuts for window decoration, put up New Year picturesb, write Spring Festival coupletsc, make New Year cakesd, and also prepare all kinds of food to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new. New Year's Eve is the time for a happy reunion of all family members, when they sit around the table to have a sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner, talking and laughing, until daybreak, which is called "staying up to see the year out". When the bell tolls midnight on New Year's Eve, people eat dumplings. In ancient times, midnight was called zishi (a period of the day from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.). Dumplings (jiaozi) are eaten because it sounds the same as "change of the year and the day" in Chinese. From the first day of the lunar year, people pay New Year calls on relatives and friends, which is an important custom for the Spring Festival. Setting off firecrackers is the favorite activity of children in the Spring Festival. According to legend, this could drive off evil spirits. The continuous sound of firecrackers can be heard everywhere, adding to the atmosphere of rejoicing and festivity. Many places hold temple fairs. The wonderful dragon lantern dance and the lion dance performances, along with various handicraft articles and local snacks attract thousands of people. With the development of the times, some changes have taken place in the customs of spending the Spring Festival. For example, to prevent environmental pollution, many cities have banned firecrackers. But this does not have an impact on the happy atmosphere of the festival. On New Year's Eve, family members get together to have dinner while watching TV programs. For Chinese at home and abroad, the Spring Festival is always the most important festival.


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