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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a student from China and planning to further my study at ** university. I plan to commence my course next year. I really appreciate that you could provide me some essential information.

I am particularly interested in the course of Hotel Management.

First of all, is that course available for international students?

Secondly, I want to make sure that Hotel Management is an unaided course or Management consists of Hotel Management and other Management ( for exemple, restaurant management).

Thirdly, how about the tuition and living fees each year?

And is there any condition for english performance, such as IELTS?

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Sir/Madam:

I am from China and very interested in one of your MA programs--MA in British Cultural Studies & ELT. After viewing your websites, i've gotton some questions to ask you. First, what kind of contents does it offer to students? And as usual, how long such program would last? Second, how about the tuition fee and accommodation for international students? is there any scholarship or financial support for us? if there is, what are the chances of getting those as an international student?

Last, could you please also send me some related materials, like "MA programme viewbook" (whatever you call) which might provide information on programs, admissions, funding and more.

Thanks for your time, looking forward to getting your reply!




we are interested in the suitcases and leather products you manufactured, asking if you have representative in the marketing of XXXX products in the Republic of China as your agents 我公司经营箱包与皮具20多年,再中国内地有广泛的业务关系和丰富的品牌管理经验。为了扩大我公司再市场的影响力,我公司希望能与贵公司合作,取得贵公司“XXX”品牌箱包用品在中国地区的授权

We have been in the line of suitcase and leather products sales for more than 20 years, having far-flung trade connections and enjoying rich experiences in brand management. We’d like to establish business relations with you, and obtain market authorization granted by you in order to expand our business.


we’d like to know further information in sheets about the validity of the goods under this authorization, prices for the authorization goods and procedures of the authorization granted.


we’d like to know whether you have set office in mainland China for authority activities of your products. Please tell us detailed mailing address for further information.


Please contact us in demand for our detailed information


Your prompt reply will be fully appreciated.

your sincerely




(1)Scholastic aptitude(学习方面的才能)

a. Native intellectual ability(天赋)

b. Imagination(想象力)

c. Creativity(创造力)

d. Capacity for analytical thinking(分析思考能力)

e. Intellectual curiosity; spirit of inquiry(好奇心)

f. Ability to work independently(独立学习工作的能力)g. Memory(记忆力)

h. Accuracy(准确性)

i. Methodology(研究方法)

j. Capability for abstract reasoning(抽象推理的能力)k. Potential as a researcher(研究的潜力)

1. Potential as a teacher(教学的潜力)

m. Ability to express his ideas orally and in writing(口头或文字的表达能力)

n. Capacity, desire and determination for good quality graduate


o. Probable success as a graduate student(作为研究生成功的可能性)

(2)Academic performance(学业上的表现)

a. Breadth of general knowledge(知识丰富)

b. Knowledge of literature in his field(本专业领域知识)

c. Grade or achievement(成绩或成就)

d. Industry, diligence(勤勉)

e. Participation in discussion(讨论积极)

f. Academic maturity(学业上的成熟)


a. Ability to speak, understand, read and write the English language(听、说、读、写英文的能力)

b. Ability to read significant literature in other languages than English(英语以外的语言阅读能力)


a. Honesty; integrity(诚实)

b. Sincerity(诚恳)

c. Sense of responsibility(责任感)

d. Cooperation (合作)

e. Enthusiasm(热诚)

f. Conscientiousness(自觉性)

g. Ethical and moral standards(伦理与道德标准)

h. Reliability; dependability(可靠性)


Dear Mr.

Please accept my resignation as associate chemist at the GERT Institute. I plan to leave my job here on September 30, 19–, taking a few days of annual leave just prior to that effective date.

As you know, my primary interest has been in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, I’ve accepted a position with Fury Refining, Inc., that should put me back in touch with my “first love.”

Although I’m eager to accept the challenges in this new position, I regret leaving the institute. You and the organization as a whole have treated me very well over the past three years. I won’t forget the friendship and professional growth I’ve experienced as an employee here. www.cizhixin.net

Best wishes to all of you for years of expansion here.



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