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Pride and Prejudice was an absolutely fantastic film. A great cast, and Keira Knightly did an excellent job and Matthew Macfadyen was a wonderful in the role of Mr Darcy. The cinematography was so ridiculously good, there were some fantastic shots and the costumes were also fantastic. The script was fairly good, it is true to the classic by Jane Austen, Mr Wickam could have made more of an appearance, and had a striking resemblance to one Orlando Bloom. The movie moved fairly fast but trying to fit such a novel into two hours had to be hard anyway, so I say well done to all involved, as such a beloved book can be a hard project to take on, but after watching it I really can't wait until to see it again!!!


1.《小飞侠彼得潘》读后感读了《小飞侠彼得潘》这篇名著后,使我受益匪浅,使我懂得了每个小孩都会长大成人的这个道理。许许多多的孩子都不想长大,不想上学,只想天天玩。书中的主人公叫彼得潘 ,他就是个永远都不想长大的男孩。他住在永无乡这个像仙境一样的地方,这里有声音如铃铛般悦耳的仙女、长发的美人鱼、长不大的孩子、谜一样的印第安人,还有凶恶的海盗和会发出“滴答”声的鳄鱼。然而,丰富多彩的生活,却不能替代彼得对母亲的渴望。于是,一个同样不想长大的女孩文蒂来到了永无乡,当上了孩子们的“母亲”。他们开始了在永无乡的种种奇异历险。然而,最终文蒂还是选择长大。她带着孩子们从那扇妈妈一直为她开启的窗户中飞回了家。而那个永远都不愿意长大的男孩子彼得,尽管可以拥有全世界的快乐,却无法享受来自于一个家庭的温暖。他只能隔着窗,偷偷张望窗内的火炉、笑脸和亲情。然后悄悄地走开,和小仙女一起消失在夜空中。是啊!永无乡虽然快乐,却不会有家庭的温暖、精彩的人生。每个人都会长大,长成一棵撑天大树,只要我们的梦中有永无乡,长大后也一定会很快乐,而且活得更精彩。1. "Peter Pan Peter Pan" Du Hougan Reading the "Peter Pan Peter Pan" This famous work, I benefited from, I know that every child will grow up in this truth. Many children do not want to grow up and do not want to go to school, just want to play every day. Peter Pan is the hero of the book, he is a always the boys do not want to grow up. He never lived in this rural paradise like the same place, where there is such as the bell sounds as beautiful fairy, a mermaid hair, Zhang Buda children, mystery, like the Indians, ferocious pirates and will issue a "ticking "Voice of the crocodile. However, the rich and colorful life, but not a substitute for the mother's desire to Peter. Thus, an equally do not want to grow up, the girls never went to the rural based, on the children when the "mother." They never started in the various rural singular adventure. However, the final text still choose Beattie grew up. She took the children from Nashan mother has for her to fly back to open the windows in the home. And that is always reluctant to grow up the boys, Peter, even though the world can have a happy, but can not enjoy from the warmth of a family. He can only be separated by windows, secretly Zhang Wang window within the stove, a smiling face and kinship. And then quietly walked away, and fairies to disappear in the night sky. Yes ah! Although the township never happy, it does not have the warmth of family, wonderful life. Everyone will grow up and grow into a tree shoring days, as long as our dreams have never townships, and also when they grow up will be very happy and live a more exciting.


罗马假日 Roman Holiday (1953)的英文观后感:

A princess came to Roma to have a public visiting. As a young girl, she was bored of continual tasteless activities. One night she sneaked out of her living room. When she came to the street of Roma, she was deeply attracted by the ordinary life of Italian. In the end she was so tired that she slept on a street chair. An American journalist Joe accidentally saw her and took unhappily her to his apartment. When he learned her true identity, an interesting and romantic journey commenced.

What happened at the mouth of truth was the funniest scene in the movie. Although they got one day to stay together, their love would be eternal. True love is not up to how long you stay with your another half.


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