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我的暑假(My Summer Vacation)
Summertime is the besttime of the year.There is no school for monthsI get to do what I want.With no tests no homework,I'm as free as a bird.
I do many things during the summer vacation.I relax by reading books watching TV.I also hang out with my friends travel with my family.However,I don't play in summer.I take advantage of the free time to learn more.For example,last summer I learned to swim.This summer I might study computers or English.Summer vacation flies by fast,so it's important to do as as you can.
暑假打工(A Part-time Job)
This summer vacation I got a part-time job in a snack bar. At the beginning, I couldn’t do well at all often made mistakes. I was very low-spirited,father mother encouraged me a lot. So I began to try my best. Gradually, I could do a very good job. I felt very excited when I received my pay for the first time. I already made up my mind to find another part-time job in this winter vacation. I believe I can do better next time.
Summer Vacation
I enjoy summer vacation very much.
Because summer vacation is the longest vacation of the year. We have more than fifty days to rest. Though it is very hot, we can either go to swim or stay in the air-conditioned room . In the evening, I like to go shopping with my friends.
We can eat many things in summer, such as ice creams, watermelons, grapes, so on.In summer, I always go on a trip with my parents. It's a good chance for us to visit some nice interesting places.
I often go to see my grandma grandpa during my summer vacation.They are both seventy years old live in the country happily. Summer view of the countryside is very beautiful. I can do many interesting things there. I am used to getting up early in the morning, breathing the fresh air,listening to the birds singing, enjoying the green trees, red flowers the river. I like fishing with my friends. When night comes, I sit under the tree with my grandma, listening to her telling me many funny stories. And I tell her some new things happening in the city. When I have to go back,I am always reluctant to go. I really feel happy living in the country.
This year's summer vacation was most enjoyable. I spent fifteen days helping my grandparents doing farm work in the countryside, where I saw mountains fields covered with green plants. Sometimes I went swimming in the river to the west of the village, the water in which was quite clear.
I kept a diary every day. Besides doing farm work, I help the children in the neighborhood with their lessons. All of them showed interest in English. They could read write wellthey could hardly understand simple English. So every day in the morning I spent about two hours helping them improve their listening spoken English. They all made great progress. Their parents all thought highly of me. I now realize that knowledge is very needed in the countryside.
1.暑期生活-During Summer Vacation
A new term began. Students all returned to school met again. They were talking about what they had done in the holidays. I was happier. I couldn't wait to tell my story. Now it's my turn. I told them I got a job in a restaurant. I worked as a waitress.

They didn't believe at first.
"Yes, it's true. "I said," I really had a hard time at the beginning. But several days later, I could do a good job. I earned six hundred yuan this holiday. "They all looked at me with their mouths open.
2.快乐的暑假生活-Happy Summer Holidays
My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable. I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays. It is very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals kind people. I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there. I wrote down what happened in my diary every day.
Besides that, I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. I helped them read English improve their spoken English. Their parents thanked me for this.
I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays this year. I liked green plants, clear rivers lovely amimals there.I breathed the fresh air on the mountain sometimes I went swimming in the river. I kept a diary every day.
I liked not the scene of the countryside, 8ttt8.comalso the people there. I helped them to do farm work. I also helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. The children were interested in English. They were good at reading writing, 8ttt8.comdid not do well in listening speaking. I helped them improve their listening speaking. Their parents thought highly of me. I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside.

An unforgettable thing during Summer vacation
It was a sunny day today,when i got up in the morning,i decided to see my grandparents.so i took the bus got there at noon,they were happy to see me,and i was very happy,too.
In the afternoon,my farther asked me to help him water the plant,and i was happy to see the flowers smiling in the wind.
In a word,today is a unforgetive day.because i saw my relatives helped people.

1. It was Mom’s Birthday
One day Mon said to me "I love you. son"
I was very happy that day and went to school.
6 o'clock in the afternoon, I went back home. Dad was also back and there was a big cake on the table.
I asked him "why there is a cake? can I eat it?"
Dad answered "No. Mom should eat first."
"why?" I asked again.
"because it's your mom's birthday"
then I remembered mom said "I love you" to me in the morning.
it was mom's birthday, but I didn't know that.
and she said "I love you" to me.
2. I love my parents
Who gives me birth? Who brings me up? Who dedicates his/her whole life to me? My parents. Who gives me food? Who gives me clothes? Who gives me care? My parents.
My parents, they don’t want to get any reward from me. Not only my parents, all the parents in the world don’t charge anything from their children. They give us everything they can. They spend their whole life loving me, so I love my parents, too. Since I was given birth, I’ve started to love them even if I didn’t realize it.
It will be the time for my birthday soon. I want to say to my parents: I love you.
3. Our school
Our school was built in 1945 and a great number of students have graduated from it. Now many of them have become scientists,professors and engineers. Many students have also become workers and farmers after graduation. They have achieved great success in the development of modern industry and agriculture.
All the teachers here are trying their best to do their work well. Every students is making full use of his time to train himself to be a qualified student.
4. My net friend
I was only nine years old when I learnt how to use a computer. My mother is my first teacher. I know how to type, how to copy a file, and how to visit a web site on the Internet. One day, mom was not at home. I turned on the computer and began to learn how to chat on net. The first one I met there was a boy called Tom. He greeted me politely. When he knew that I was only a 9-year-old girl, and almost knew nothing about chatting on net,he started showing me how to use the chatting tools, how to download, and how to send e-mails. I learnt a lot from him.
5. Weekends
Weekends to people mean that they can have a two-day good rest. For example, people can go out to enjoy themselves or get together with relatives and friends to talk with each other or watch interesting video tapes with the whole family.
I often spend weekends with my family or my friends. Sometimes my parents take me on a visit to their old friends. Sometimes I go to the library to study or borrow some books to gain much knowledge. I also go to see various exhibition to broaden my vision. An excursion to seashore or mountain resorts is my favorite way of spending weekends. Weekends are always enjoyable for me.
6. My best friend
I have a best friend.
She has long,straight,black hair,big,black eyes and a small nose. She is very thin and kind,she is cute,too. Her English and Chinese is very good. She is hard-working.
Her favorite season is summer,because it’s hot,she can eat ice- cream. She likes playing the piano,reading books and singing songs.
Who’s she?She is my best friend ——Sun Mengqi. She has a very good English name,too——Angle.
7. A happy day
Today is the National Day.It is our country’s birthday. Now she is 56.I am very happy.
Today in the afternoon,I go to the park,people all look so happy. Someone is doing exercise,someone is singing the nation song. A little girl comes to me and says to me,happy National Day.I know she loves the country,but I love her,too. Today is a happy day
8. My family
Look at this photograph of my family. There are five people in it. The tallest one is my father. He is forty-eight years old. My mother is standing beside him. She is not as my father. She is three years younger than my father. Sitting in front of them are my grandparents. My grandfather is that fat one with a pair of glasses. My grandmother is as fat as he. This little one is me. I’m sitting between them.
All of us love one anther. I have a happy family
9. Spring is coming
Winter has gone,and spring is coming on .
Watching the ice melting,I know the whole earth is being rejuvenated from the winter. A variety of flowers come out to show their beauty and bring us fragrance .It is a feast for our eyes and souls. The yellow grass suddenly turn green. The young leaves grow on the branches. The swallows fly back home with the greeting of spring .
Everything is coming to life. Feeling the warm sunshine,enjoying the beautiful scenery,listening to the wonderful music,drinking the new tea,my mood is perfect and I have nothing else to desire. Spring is the most fantastic season in the year .It means so much to the other three seasons.
10. Mailing a letter
All large cities around the world have many post offices located throughout the city,and even the smallest village has at least one postal station. You may go to a post office to mail a letter.
However,there are mail boxes located on every second or third corner in all cities and towns. Any letter or small package having sufficient postage may be dropped in any of these mail boxes.
If a person wishes a letter to be delivered more quickly to the address,he may buy a special delivery stamp and delivery is made directly by the messenger instead of by the regular carrier.

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